Rainforest Superfood Cookies

   Using the finest natural, organic, non-GMO, gluten free, and nut free ingredients, our cookies will become a nutritious addition to the diet of people of all ages. Our cookies also contain “Superfood” ingredients.  These ingredients are highly dense nutritional whole foods that provide a source of antioxidant and high vitamin content. We have featured five endangered species of the Amazon Rainforest as a way to educate and bring awareness to the next generations, while providing alternative snacks that are a health benefit to all!   
   Your kids will love our limited edition
endangered species sugar cookies! A
delicious sugar cookie with the image of
the endangered animals printed on a white
chocolate topper.*
The current featured animal is the sloth!
*the topper that the image is printed on is the only
non-organic portion of any of our cookies.
Limited Edition
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