Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Relaxation Scrub/Soak

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Relaxation Scrub/Soak

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Pure Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Hand Crafted Scrub / Soak with Organic Avocado Oil and Organic Sweet Almond Oil and Pure Organic Essential Oils. 1.5 pound container.

Relaxation Essential Oils:

Lavender, Rose Geranium, Rosewood, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood Album, Bulgarian Rose. Provides complete Relaxation for the body and the mind.

Himalayan Pink Sea Salts have the following properties:
Provides 84 trace minerals and nutrients, Detoxes the body from Heavy Metals, Anti-Inflammatory, Supports Weight Loss, Lowers Blood Pressure, Strengthen Bones, Absorbs Nutrients into the Intestines, Dissolves and Eliminates Toxins, Detoxifies the body, Balances Hormones, Exfoliates and Softens the Skin, Improves Sleep, Reduces signs of Aging,
Strengthen the Bones, Creates Electrolite balance as it Increases Hydration, Prevents Muscle Cramping, Aids in proper Metabolism. Himalayan Pink Sea Salt replenishes 84 trace nutrients and minerals and stimulates circulation and soothes sore muscles. As it soaks into the skin walls into the cells and into the organs it is absorbed and metabolized throughout the entire body. It is a healthy therapeutic experience for the body and the mind. Research demonstrates how vital Pink Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is as it has life-generating power for the body and nervous system.

Sweet Almond Oil has the following properties:
Many Essential Nutrients, High in Vitamins E, A, B, Good for all Skin Types, SPF Properties, Anti-Aging.

Avocado Oil has the following properties:
High in Vitamins E, A, K, D, B1, B2, Rich in Minerals and Proteins, Protects against UV and UVB Rays, Ultra-Moisturizing and Nourishing, Anti-Aging, Heals Sun Burn, Reduces Inflammation, Increases Collagen, and Rich in Omega 3.