“Lungs Of Mother Earth” Ask the CEO 

     Welcome to the CEO corner. We will have updates on “news from the Amazon” and our efforts to make a difference, as well as educational info for future generations…

     But first let's meet our CEO and learn a little about her journey.


     Since the year 2000, Georgann has studied with the shaman and indigenous healers from the Amazon Rainforest to discover the ancient superfoods found in the fruits, plants, and trees used by the indigenous people for many centuries.

In her numerous trips to the Amazon, Georgann has learned how to use these superfoods to aid in the diet of today’s products.

The deforestation of the Rainforest could render these vital superfoods endangered one day, along with the trees, plants, and animals that live there.  Rainforest Inc. knows the importance of saving the Rainforests of the world.  Our company is working closely with Camino Verde of Peru to reforest these vital trees, giving back to Mother Earth.  Not only are we reforesting the trees but we are supplying jobs for the indigenous people in order to maintain and continue their ancient beliefs and traditions.  Their ancient secrets are now our secrets, and Rainforest Inc. is working hand-in-hand to bring these secrets to you.

During her many trips to the Amazon Rainforest, Georgann helped build three schools for the Indigenous children.  She brought many school supplies and worked closely with the teachers, learning from them about their indigenous traditions.  She helped in planting numerous new tree seedlings and plants for reforestation.  She has also studied the indigenous animals that are becoming endangered due to the deforestation of the Rainforest.

Georgann taught elementary education for over 25 years.  She has a Masters Degrees (2), in Science and Humanities Education from Rutgers University.  She earned numerous grants and awards in the field of Environmental Education.  She earned post graduate credit in the Culinary Arts from the New School for Social Research in NYC.  Georgann knows that “the children of today are the future … and consumers of tomorrow.”

For more information on how you can help, or if you have questions write to Georgann@rainforestinc.online


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