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Rainforest Cookies: 

"Nutrition never tasted so good"!

   Using the finest natural, organic, non-GMO, gluten free, nut free ingredients, our cookies will become a nutritious addition for people of all ages diets. Our cookies also contain “Superfood” ingredients.  These ingredients are highly dense nutritional whole foods that provide a source of anti-oxidant and high vitamin content. We have featured the endangered species of the Amazon Rainforest as a way to educate and bring awareness to the next generations, while providing alternative snacks that are a health benefit to all!     .... click here to see our selection

Why the Amazon Rainforest?

Rainforest Inc. is an “all natural, organic, superfoods” cookie and product company.

Our focus is three fold:

  • healthy alternative snacks … eating with a healthy purpose and outcome

  • education of next generations on ecological challenges

  • working with like-minded organizations and people groups on opportunities that exist in the preservation of treasured possessions of “Mother Earth"


Our Goal

Our goal is to establish non-GMO, gluten free, "superfood" products to generate proceeds for our mission-

the preservation of endangered species, reforestation of the Amazon Rainforest, and provision of hope and opportunity for the indigenous peoples of the Rainforest region-
alongside our partners
Camino Verde and Willing Hearts.

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Check out our "superfood cookies" and other products... Healthy and nutritious; a great alternative snack for all.

Strategic Partnerships: Learn more about the challenges of "deforestation" and some of the efforts going on with our partners.


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