About Us

    RAINFOREST Inc., founded July 28, 2017, is a family owned and operated business.  We balance our business sense with the goal of helping people become healthy eaters and all natural product users in their present lifestyle.  We strongly believe in our products and their importance in today’s hectic, difficult, unhealthy, stressful world.

​We are a people committed to Vision, Purpose, and Legacy.

    Our Vision is to continue to develop the relationship between the consumer and all natural eating and cleanliness. 


    Our Purpose is to introduce consumers to the relationship between “old ancient wisdom” found in the Amazon Rainforest, and healthy lifestyle choices.  And to provide our customers with products produced from the “best practices” we have learned over our lifetime.


    Our Legacy is the next generation and our desire to “pass on to them what we have learned over a lifetime”… so that they may value what we have come to understand ….there is only one place to live, filled with all kinds of amazing animals and vegetation, and we all need to do our part to preserve it!


    Our children are the consumers of tomorrow. They need to be educated in eating well and living a healthy lifestyle.  With all the unnatural, synthetic food products on the market, they need to be educated on products that help their bodies, not hurt their bodies.


    Using the finest natural, organic, non-GMO,  gluten free, nut free ingredients, our cookies will become a nutritious addition to their diet. Our cookies also contain “Superfood” ingredients.  These ingredients are highly dense nutritional whole foods.


    Today, because of the tampering of our food supplies, many children have severe food allergies.  We pride ourselves in making cookies that are not only great tasting, but are also healthy. And in making all natural therapeutic soaps and bath salts that enhance your health and wellness.


    Our company also prides itself in helping our environment.  Hence the name RAINFOREST Inc..  A percentage of our net proceeds will go directly through our non-profit arm Willing Hearts Helping Hands to support “like-minded, like-spirited “ organizations such as Camino Verde, for the reforestation of the Rosewood tree in the rain forests of the Amazon.  Also to assist indigenous peoples of the Amazon in micro businesses and to support endangered species.  Why is that important? The Amazon Rainforest is the “Lungs of Mother Earth”.   Helping reforestation will help our planet for our future generations and protect the endangered species. And bring economic hope to the local people.  Our company strives to educate our children in the importance of preserving a healthy, natural environment and the many positive outcomes when that takes place.

    Our “Information Age”-minded consumers desire harmony with nature without harmful synthetics and we want to educate the world, especially our children, on the importance of eating healthy. We welcome all to become part of our vision to 'preserve the “Lungs of Mother Earth”'.

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